Fiddling with Passion
20 plays
The Foal Fiddler, Fawn, Approaches her Old School House

There is stands, silent. Empty.


Fawn opens the door to her old home, confused by all that dust; she couldn’t have been gone much longer than a day, right?

She walks through the main school-room, into her old room. Just as she had left it… Except she could smell the food rotting in her unpowered fridge.

Oh dear oh dear, how disconcerting..


The Foal Fiddler awakes.

She can feel a tingling in her body, as if incredibly numb. What happened? Where was she? A forest, by the looks of things. The Forest near Ponyville, perhaps? What was it, the… Eternal-Liberty woods?

Should have paid more attention to the brochure. Last she could recall… She had kissed Shining Star, then… promoted a chess-piece maker?

But after that… nothing. Odd. Very, supremely, odd. She isn’t hungry, and her coat is quite pristine. Obviously, then, she can’t have been in the woods for long, right?

It looks to be… Just after noon, the sun was moving to the west… So she had to go… Directly right of it.

Okay, easily done… Now to keep on that path until she found the Ponyville river…

Hello, love!

"Hello, my dear Shining Star!" She pulls him into a hug and a kiss, nuzzling him warmly.

Liking youth?"

"Oh, very much so! Being young again is an EXQUISITE delight~!"

How are you today?

"Absolutely wonderful! And how are you?”





*he trot over, gently setting the record to play a smooth, classic piece* I apologize. I'm more of a slow dancer myself.

She invitingly lifts her hoof to him, “Perfect… Will you lead, Star..?”

*he hugs her gently* Well, let me go and put the music on.

"Alright..’ She waits with a grin.